5 ways to Camera ready skin

All brides want to look radiant on their big day. The make up choices are endless to achieve a glowing, youthful, rosy complexion however what lies beneath the make up?

No one wants to feel caked in make up, and flawless skin will give you a much fresher look.

Tips to get your skin bright and glowing on the run up to the big day:
1. Drink lots of water – what a novel idea, we all know. BUT ITS TRUE.
2. Sleep – I have a baby so I hate this advice.. Meditation also works a treat at helping your contours appear rested.
3. Invest in a high potency vitamin C serum to brighten your skin in a flash.
4. Double cleanse every evening – First cleanse removes superficial make up and dirt, second cleanse works deeper to ensure no grime or pollution is left on the skin. One cleanse simply isn’t enough.
5. SPF – Every day.. even in England in the winter. A good SPF will look and feel lovely on the skin.

If you can invest in a facial (preferably a course of treatments depending on results desired) leading up to your big day your skin will thank you.

I offer complimentary consultations and skin analysis to provide a tailored treatment plan in order to get your skin in to the best condition possible, ideal for brides in preparation for the big day.

I offer corrective facials to treat concerns such as acne, pigmentation and rosacea.
Utilising results driven ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid, my facial treatments offer excellent visible results.

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