Your skins needs are unique and ever changing.

My approach to skincare is to first and foremost understand that your skins needs are unique and ever-changing.

When treating your skin and making product recommendations I will take in to account not just the symptoms that are currently presenting but also your skincare history and lifestyle factors.
Everyone has a different set of priorities so therefore your skin care regime must be tailored to you.

I currently use two very different but absolutely incredible skincare brands both offering superb results.

Skin and Tonic is a naturally sourced, certified organic, minimal ingredients eco British brand. Their brand ethos is to take care of the perfect balance of your skin and maintain skin health.

Jan Marini is a clinical skincare brand using high tech ingredients including glycolic acid, retinol and vitamin C, designed to treat your specific concerns such as pigmentation, ageing and acne.

Both are excellent but as above there is no one size fits all,. in fact, you will spot both brands plus several other brands in my bathroom.. I am committed to finding the very best product to do the job in hand.

I invite you for a complimentary skin analysis and consultation so we can work out the best plan to treat your needs.

I provide a bespoke skincare service and include consultations and review with every visit.

I also offer waxing, specialising in advanced intimate waxing for both men and women. I am trained in the Kim Lawless techniques for male and female intimate waxing.

I have been offering these services for a long time┬áso please do relax, there is nothing I haven’t seen before! I take pride in offering a skilled, speedy and hygienic waxing service.